Spain: Football coach Jose Mourinho settles tax case


Jose Mourinho remains under investigation for alleged tax fraud despite declaring the case "definitively closed" as he left the court in Madrid on Friday morning.

"I left Spain in 2013 with the conviction that my tax situation was perfectly legal", Mourinho told the media on Friday, while sharing his strategy to settle the case rather than fight the charges. "I did not debate it, did not appeal it, I paid and I signed an agreement of compliance with the state", he added.

And the Portuguese, who will now fly back to Manchester, has declared that the case was closed after accepting arguments put forward by Spain's Inland Revenue and paid the demanded sum.

Mourinho gave no comment on his way into the court as he made his way past a pack of reporters and cameras outside the main entrance.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho believes that he has seen the end of his tax fraud case.

Personality rights are a person's right to have control over the marketing and commercial use of their image, likeness or other parts of their identity. They told me that to regularise my situation I had to pay X amount.

The court hearing comes two days before the Manchester United v Chelsea clash in the Premier League. Accused of a €14.7m fraud, Ronaldo did not accept the investigator's understanding of his affairs and during a 90-minute hearing in July he told the judge he had done nothing wrong and was only being targeted due to his fame.

The allegations against Mourinho come after investigations into a number of footballers were brought to court.

Revelations from the whistleblowing website Football Leaks have lifted the veil on the practices supposedly used by Mendes to optimise often enormous earnings from image rights by his clients.

And this is important for United fans, who will know how the mood of their boss can so easily permeate the entire first team squad.