Nintendo introduces a new Legend of Zelda-themed 2DS


It will be released on November 23.

As the year's shopping season commences and Black Friday draws closer, Nintendo announced a couple of limited edition bundles themed around the "Legend of Zelda" franchise that will be a must have for diehard fans of the game series. Read on for why I think you should get one. It'll cost $79.99 for the bundle, which will be available on Black Friday this year. Really not many games take advantage of the 3D features anymore so it was a smart move.

The first of the two is just the thing for Switch owners who haven't picked up the latest Legend of Zelda title, while the second is perfect for those who want a snazzy-looking 2DS clad in Link's iconic colors of green and yellow (bright orange?).

The Breath of the Wild Explorer's Edition includes the main Breath of the Wild game, a map of the game world, and a special 100-page explorer's guide.

While that won't be enough to warrant a re-purchase for most gamers, it will certainly be popular with anyone picking up a Switch in the coming months. We'll continue to update this post as we get more information about when and where you'll be able to pick them up.

Its year-long popularity has been cemented by countless fanart pieces, bits of DLC and amiibo to keep it relevant, and now, the coveted final spot in the Awesome Games Done Quick lineup.