Accusations of stewarding inconsistency 'without foundation' - FIA


The Dutchman was stripped of his podium finish at the US Grand Prix for exceeding track limits and gaining an advantage on the last lap of the race, which led the angered driver to call one of the official FIA steward's "an idiot".

"I think the punishment was not correct because everybody was running off the track in Turn 19, 8 and 9, even in Turn 6 when you were behind someone you were cutting the inside - a lot of cars were doing it".

Verstappen charged from 16th on the grid to cross the line third at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas on Sunday, having completed the fightback with a last-lap pass on Kimi Raikkonen.

But Mika Salo, the former F1 driver who was part of the stewards' panel in Texas, has revealed he received death threats in the wake of Verstappen's demotion. I certainly did not mean to cause any offence and I hope we can move on and enjoy this race weekend'.

"There were a number of occasions when drivers left the track during race and practice that were not formally looked at by stewards purely because no lasting advantage was gained", said Whiting.

"They decided in the way they had viewed things, they do their work the best they can". "I could have used different words but l still think the decision wasn't correct".

Asked to respond to allegations that Connelly was biased against the Dutch racer, Whiting said: "I think the statistics I have seen, I've seen them and they don't paint the correct picture".

FIA racing director Charlie Whiting explained why Verstappen was penalised, but he, nor the governing body itself, wished to comment on Verstappen's ill-advised outburst. It is just coincidence that Garry happened to be there. "It would be nice if he was to apologise for using inappropriate language". "The only time that it was absolutely clear that the driver gained an advantage [in Austin], the driver was duly penalised and that is really where we are coming from".

"He has got this bright light and what is important is allow it to shine".

The penalty polarised opinion among fans, especially as Verstappen claimed that he had to move right initially, prior to putting all four wheels outside the white demarcation line, to avoid contact with the defending Raikkonen.

Whiting added that Formula 1 goes to "considerable lengths" to ensure penalties are applied consistently by the championship's rotating cast of stewards from weekend to weekend.