Mandatory evacuations in Lake County — Interactive Fire Maps


The death toll rose to 35, making this the deadliest and most destructive series of wildfires in California history. But with fierce winds forecast to return by Friday night, rescue teams are racing to reinforce buffers.

Thse photos show the scale of the destruction.

"So in addition to expressing our sympathy, we need to really come together to try to work to prevent and mitigate, and that starts with acknowledging climate change and the role that it plays in exacerbating such events", she added.

The picturesque town of Calistoga, at the northern end of Napa Valley, faced one of the biggest remaining hazards.

Entire neighborhoods in Santa Rosa have been reduced to ashes, and evacuation orders were issued for additional parts of the devastated city of 175,000 people in Sonoma County.

At least 1,500 structures have been destroyed by the wildfires.

"And that's just one person", Sonoma County Sheriff Rob Giordano said after showing the video at a news conference.

Authorities have been forced to warn anyone who refuses the leave their home: "You are on your own".

Other research has suggested that lightning-driven fires are already becoming more frequent in some places. Giordano warned that it was "going to be a slow process" as fires continue to burn, and that identifying victims would be difficult.

"It's like pulling teeth to get firefighters and law enforcement to disengage from what they are doing out there", said Barry Biermann, Napa chief for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

The owner of Paradise Ridge winery in Santa Rosa, Rene Byck, told the BBC that the blazes had destroyed millions of dollars worth of wine. "Up in the Napa area and even up in San Rafael, basically all of the North Bay, is experiencing the highest readings we've ever observed". "We're moving into a recovery phase", he said.

The fires' death toll surpassed the 29 deaths from the Griffith Park fire of 1933 in Los Angeles.

The lack of connectivity has made it difficult for people in the area to connect with loved ones.

First, while the above factors-temperature, moisture, wind, lightning-are generally significant in fire seasons all over the world, the effects of climate change will certainly not be identical everywhere. Thousands of firefighters are battling around 20 rapidly spreading fires. Nineteen people have died in Sonoma County, eight in Mendocino County, four in Napa County and four in Yuba County. Warmer weather can also cause more water to evaporate from dead plants littering the ground.

California faces about 5,400 wildfires each year, with tens of thousands of acres destroyed by the flames, but the simultaneous wildfires have proved challenging to battle.

Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris will join Brown in the tour, the private briefing on the fires and the meeting. These are a few of the major climate-related factors that may be at play.

The intense heat of the wildfires has melted window frames and car tire rims, leaving many vehicles resting on their axles.

"Hour by hour more resources pour in", he said. Meteorologists say they expect gusts to increase throughout the morning.