US-backed Syrian forces say victory in ISIS capital is days away


In another front, Syria's army and its allies have encircled Islamic State in the city of al-Mayadin, southeast of Deir al-Zor, in eastern Syria, a Syrian military source said yesterday.

"They brought a man in a car and tied him up for three hours... then they cut off his head, and put it on top of a fence", said Ramadan in Arabic.

It is worth clarifying that all reports circulating on social media saying that IS retreated from Al-Mayadeen are false.

After long months of intense bombing by US-led coalition forces, the moderate rebels have successfully surrounded ISIS terrorists within small parts of the city, where heavy fighting is anticipated. "When we finish with the area north of the stadium, we'll be able to attack it and reach Al-Naim", Sher said.

In the pitiful rant, he said life was so bleak stray cats and dogs had become fat by feasting on "dead human flesh".

In the recording, he emphasised that his story does not conform...

Over the next few days, the forces are projected to try and begin recapturing the city's most strategic targets: The Municipal Stadium and the hospital.

From this morass, individuals must be assessed and either placed in refugee camps or jailed.

Commanders directing the battle have warned that Daesh fighters have taken civilian hostages and are using sniper fire, booby traps and tunnels to slow the SDF advance.

Meanwhile, Turkish military vehicles crossed the Syrian border into Idlib yesterday, a local resident and a local rebel said, after Ankara announced an operation by rebel groups in the area, which is controlled by rival jihadist alliance Tahrir al-Sham. Potential jihadists can join one group before retreating to their homes and re-emerging elsewhere.

Idris Mohammad was among them.

However, "those who took up arms and stained their hands with the blood of the Syrian people will not be released", Mohammed told the website.

Syrian regime forces on Friday broke into the eastern town of Mayadeen, one of the Islamic State's last bastions in Syria, backed by Russian air raids taking a deadly toll on civilians.

"He spent two hours lying there while we were trying to stabilize". But the organization's increasingly desparate struggle as it loses ground in Iraq and Syria may have encouraged a more flexible attitude.

Syria's conflict began with widespread demonstrations against the government but has since evolved into a multi-front war that has killed more than 330,000 people. Coalition jets soared overhead and air strikes pounded at a higher rate than in recent days.