Legend explains why Liverpool will not sack Jurgen Klopp


With the ultra-talented frontline of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino, Daniel Sturridge and Coutinho, the Reds always have a chance. To me, Henderson (who is too harshly criticized) and Wijnaldum are above average, but that's all they are: above average.

"I used to judge myself and the team I was playing in at least 10 or 15 games into the season so let's see where we are then", he added.

While Manchester United are clear favorites going into this match due to their undeniable quality and form, it will not be a walk in the park.

Jordan Henderson looks on during the Premier League match between Leicester City and Liverpool.

Klopp's decision to rotate goalkeepers Simon Mignolet and Loris Karius has exposed his lack of a true number one. Nowadays everything is built for teams to go forward, which is great. The purchase of Oxlade Chamberlain, a winger trying to transition to the central midfielder, raises questions that maybe the Reds needed a center back more. Mourinho was more than happy to play out a goalless draw at Anfield last season, but with United flying in the final third and Liverpool looking shaky at the back, it will be fascinating to see the approach to the match on Merseyside.

So far the move has not had the desired effect. There is no top goalkeeper and no solid centre-back - that will ultimately be their undoing. Take the appalling goal Liverpool conceded at Newcastle last weekend, for example.

The former Liverpool manager shared a few bizarre thoughts on the defences of the Premier League contenders.


United's visit will be a good test for Mane to see if he has recovered from that disappointment at the Etihad Stadium. Or it could just be boredom and a dart board from the folks who make this stuff up.

For the Reds that job is left to captain Jordan Henderson, but does the 27-year-old have the required skillset to do that effectively? He fits Liverpool, he gets Liverpool. They need to be able to handle that. The bad news is they are not converting enough of them.

The German manager has come under fire after an indifferent start to the season by Liverpool, who sit seventh in the Premier League.