Google Unveils Google Pixel 2 Phones, Google Daydream View and Google Pixelbook


Google Home Mini costs $49 (£37) and is available from 19 October.

Google Clips is a small camera for people who don't want to press buttons. Clips will sell for nearly $250 and will be available in stores in December.

As it launched the second generation Pixel phones, Google said that while breakthroughs in new hardware technology were becoming increasingly hard to achieve, the next big steps forward will come from AI or machine-learning. One of the most interesting applications is that the Pixel Buds can translate between languages in real time, and acts like a Babel Fish from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams. There is no headphone jack in pixel 2, which means better sound and better data transfer speeds. The new devices features the same two-tone finish and circular fingerprint sensor at the back.

We learnt quite a bit with the first Pixel in India and one of the things we're doing is increasing our marketing investment, really to explain the product. If the person responding on the other side speaks in Spanish, they will hear the translation through their Pixel Buds. Looks like Google's got Apple beat in the earbud field-for now.

Google has just launched headphones with a real-time translation feature from Google Translate.

Unlike Apple, which dedicated plenty of time to its "courageous" move to kill the 3.5mm headphone jack a year ago, Google never really addressed the matter on stage, preferring to quietly hint at it.

The camera, however, is what will sell the Pixel 2. The iPhone 8, meanwhile, gets by with just 1,334 by 750 pixels. While many dismissed the idea that headphone jack is an obsolete technology, now that Google has done the same, it seems Apple was right.

At the Google Event on Wednesday, Google unveiled its new wireless earbuds, which connect to Google Assistant that can then translate 40 different spoken languages in the middle of a conversation, Quartz reported.