Clinton's Book Tour 'Proves America Was Right' to Elect Trump — Huckabee Sanders


I think, you know, from my perspective, I have a lot of experience and expertise and insight that I'm sharing with the world, and particularly with Democrats. They're angry that she's sharing her experience; they're angry she's charging money in some instances to do so (despite the fact that her speaking fee is far lower than, say, Trump's); they're angry that they believe her very existence threatens to tear the Democratic Party apart. What part is Comey? "What do you think about that?" "It drove voters from me".

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According to sources, the company's management began to systematically eliminate many reviews about the book with an estimate of one of five stars. We did not understand how a reality TV campaign would so dominate the media environment. I was just dumbfounded. At the moment, the overall rating of the book, which is equal to the average rating of buyers, is 4.8 out of 5, which actually demonstrates the unanimous approval of the book.

This never happened, but the New Yorker was ready for President Clinton. "I'd certainly given anything of any relevance to them". "The people that have read it liked it", he said. He could've called me up.

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Trump clinched an astonishing victory in November last year to become America's 45th president.

The former secretary of state will be joining the ranks of the London Literature Festival to promote her memoir What Happened, which came out a couple of days ago. She cites attending the all-female Wellesley College, raising her daughter Chelsea and connecting with other women and girls as real highlights of her career, and her life thus far.

Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump continued to re-litigate the 2016 election.