New leak confirms 256GB variant of Samsung Galaxy Note 8


The company has released two videos showing off the features. The Bixby logo is also visible in the teaser, which clearly confirms that the content of the ad is pertaining to the personal assistant.

The features and extras are of course all speculation. For instance, the Gear 360 costs $180, and the wireless charger is listed on Samsung's website for $90.

Apparently, the camera features were exposed via the Samsung Korea YouTube video along with the inclusion of the S Pen.

Blass says that the Note 8 will then go on sale on 15 September. However, the recent LG V30 design leak proves that it is a worthy contender to the Note brand. The listings further indicate there will be 64GB of internal storage. The batteries have a capacity of 3,300 mAh and those from Samsung SDI account for 80% of the total supply. The device will come with 6GB of RAM; if true then it will make the first Samsung Note series phone with that much RAM.

I've been an Android fan ever since owning an HTC Hero, with the Dell Streak being my first phablet. Yes, the Samsung Bixby Voice had started advancing the S8 and S8 Plus devices globally since yesterday.

For European customers, the rumored bonus with the Galaxy Note 8 would be a Samsung DeX, which would allow the smartphone to be docked and turned into a PC. Yup, you guessed it, this is clearly a nod to the fact that the S Pen will not only be included on the Note 8 but should also be enhanced.

So just how legitimate is this picture? Firstly, the leak comes from a contributor called Leakspinner with a 78% accuracy rating. We can also likely expect a smaller battery than the Note 7's to prevent the same fiery fiasco.

After the scandal, Samsung Electronics adopted a stricter quality control process for smartphone batteries. So why wouldn't it take inspiration from it?

Samsung and ATL have maintained a partnership for more than a decade. I currently carry around a Huawei P10 and a Galaxy Tab S2 8.0.

The video also shows that the camera will also support optical zoom. The upcoming Note 8 will be a powerful (and expensive) phablet. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be unveiled on August 23 with pre-orders starting the next day, the Inquisitr previously reported. This will bring about a few new programming highlights that will empower the smartphone to be used in the corporate division as a genuine work smartphone. It will come with two Soc variants.