Stephen Curry Crashes Random Party, Pounds Bud Lights


It's a genre of yarn that is deep and endlessly entertaining.

Curry, who led the Golden State Warriors to the title last season by helping his side defeat Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, decided to attend a random party in Newport, Rhode Island to the surprise of his fellow revellers.

One problem: you might have a better shot of winning the lottery.

Curry was in Rhode Island to see former Warriors team-mate and current Dallas Mavericks forward Harrison Barnes tie the knot with his new wife. are giving Steph -9900 odds to miss the cut and setting the over/under for his low score at 76.5. Jim Marrinan took some photos with the unexpected guest.

Curry, along with Hawks guard Ken Bazemore and some friends, left Barnes' wedding and wanted to keep partying - according to a report from TMZ.

They knocked and asked if they could join in - and the gang of 20-something-year-olds inside immediately passed over the Bud Lights.

They reportedly hung around for about 30 to 45 minutes before vamoosing, but that was long enough for the standard social media snaps to be taken and posted.