Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is coming sooner than you think


Mobile operator Telia Estonia has announced the best-seller list of smartphones and tablets at its shops for the summer. In the first phase, which will commence in early September, the company will be releasing the smartphone in markets including the US, South Korea, and the UK. It estimated that scrapping through the whole lot of the defunct handset would result in the company recovering 157 tons of rare materials, which include gold.

Despite the Note 8 not even being released yet, attention turns to a new rumor that could suggest the size of the next iteration of devices for the Galaxy S9 and Note 9. However, no specific dates were provided by DJ KOH during the press conference.The new flagship will not be launched simultaneously around the world.

After the Note 7 was reported as having a faulty battery last year, Samsung recalled the device.

The Apple iPhone 7 topped the smartphones list. And the Galaxy Note 8 confirmed to highlight the Infinity Display design seen on Galaxy S8 duo. Packing massive screens at 5.8-inches and 6.2-inches on mainstreams flagships sounds insane on paper, but the thin bezels and stretched aspect ratios of the S8 make it work. With one large angle lens and another telephoto lens, the device also rumored to offer the 6GB RAM as standard. It is predicted that its S Pen, which is the first S Pen to have speakers installed inside, will support voice translation service.