Venezuelan opposition holds poll to determine Maduro's support


On the day of the arrest, Venezuelan security forces in fatigues carrying assault weapons flooded the complex, with some standing on rooftops like snipers, Candelo's mother said in an interview last month.

The rejection was done via a voting system at Arima, Port-of-Spain, Chaguanas and Tobago where over 1,800 Venezuelans residing in T&T cast their votes in an opposition referendum, objecting to Maduro's move. The voter must provide its valid I.D. or passport to one of the assistants; then it must sign the voting ticket and deposit it in one of the ballots. "As if they are autonomous and decide on their own", he said.

Thousands of people across Venezuela took part in the dry run vote Sunday, singing chants and waving signs in support of President Nicolas Maduro and the National Constituent Assembly.

It will be unofficial, and there's no mechanism to enforce it, but preparations were well underway for the vote on Sunday, with members of the opposition swearing in election personnel and handing out practice ballots.

Venezuelan bonds were largely unchanged on Monday, perhaps reflecting sentiment that the opposition vote was not a short-term game-changer.

Mr. Maduro is widely expected to ignore the outcome, organizers hope that it invigorates a protest movement that has gained momentum over the past couple of months. The black market currency rate, another closely-followed indicator, was stable at nearly 8,500 bolivars to the dollar.

At least one person has been shot dead while waiting to vote in an unofficial, opposition-organised referendum in Venezuela. Moncada offered no evidence to support his accusations.

"I didn't even anticipate as many Venezuelans living here in Tulsa, but apparently we have that many people here", she said.

In a campaign meeting for the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) with businesspeople and agricultural producers, Shemel, candidate from the business sector for ANC, said that 59 percent of the population also believes that the economy in a country should be led by the Government.

Venezuelans are continuing to line up to take part in Venezuela's National Constituent Assembly's dry run vote in what has been described as the largest dry run vote in 18 years. "Let's start a new round of talks, of dialogue for peace".

The majority of Venezuelans believe a future right-wing government won't be able to solve the country's economic crisis, according to a new poll released Thursday.

"If they're forcing us, it isn't democracy", Madriz said.

There are emerging fractures within the ruling clique, which controls most institutions in the state outside the weakened national assembly. "There's no separation of powers, no freedom of expression".

He says his proposed Constituent Assembly is "the only path" to peace and economic recovery while relying heavily on the still-loyal military to assert his authority.

Oscar Perez, the action star helicopter pilot who vanished after dropping grenades on Venezuela's Supreme Court, appeared unexpectedly Thursday at an opposition rally, his first public apperance since the attack. Do they reject the constitutional assembly?