Here is an easy to use animal matching worksheet for preschooler. There are some great arts and crafts books to choose from. A quick search of “princess art”creative learning for toddlers” will bring up a whole bunch of interesting options. I like the Babies Smart book because it contains fun stickers, glitter, and accessories for easy making of fun craft projects.

Make this worksheet for preschooler today. Try coloring the animals on the worksheet in stripes. You can add some of the same animal. Then you have to match the stripes to the colors in the animals. Be sure to adjust the stripes for your preschooler so they match the colors of the animals.

Next you can change the colors of the animals on the worksheet and color them the same color. Then use small dots to add stripes. Repeat this to match all the colors of the animals.

Take a look at the colors of the animal and create colors to match those. Add the stripe colors to the animal and adjust the stripes to fit the animal. For a more advanced pattern see my Animal Matching worksheet for preschooler with a few additional options.

If you change the stripes to add more patterns and colors you can create a more unique project. You can do the same for any other animals. Keep adding to this simple worksheet for preschooler by mixing colors and patterns to find different patterns that interest your child.

Change the clothes of the animals to clothes the child wants to wear. Use these clothes as the basis for their clothing project. Have them match the colors and patterns. This worksheet for preschooler can be used to make different styles of dresses or even a skirt. The different patterns are great for learning about the different clothing and fabrics in different styles.

Take this same project and make it more challenging for your preschooler. Have the children add colors to the coloring pages. Have them put the coloring pages together. Have each child color in one corner.

Easy to use animal matching worksheets can be found with some creative learning for toddlers books. These books have tons of crafts ideas for preschoolers. You might consider starting an entire art and craft program for your children for their first year of school.