Matching Worksheets for Preschoolers is a free, online educational games and activities resource. With thousands of different game categories, from dance to Maths to Reading to Science, you can play the games your children like most and offer them something else that appeals to them. The old school, one sheet for one, never has to get past. It’s simple to use, which means your children can learn in an instant. It’s also fun to read through to see what different activities your children are doing. Kids learn better when it’s fun and engaging.

It works just as well for older children with their workability but less learning ability, so they can still enjoy the game. It’s a great way to improve necessary learning skills like counting or shapes.

Matching Worksheets for Preschoolers

Preschoolers love activities that help them to create something and use it later on. This is a great way to stimulate their imagination and engage them in learning. It’s even more fun if you make it with other kids in the class.

In the class I teach, some children like to draw cartoons with pictures of clouds on one side and stars on the other. Others prefer to bring images of shapes with captions on the sides.

Preschoolers also love animals as animals. Animals that have fur, feathers, or look like an individual animal are especially exciting. What do you like as a child?

A fun and creative way to learn all about languages, math, and even science and geography are to have the children write down things they know. For example, your three-year-old knows how to multiply by adding up a list of numbers and then divide by adding up again.

Get a pen and paper and have them write this down as quickly as possible and then have them come back and match the number in the row and column against the corresponding letter in the word they wrote down. All the while, they keep recording their observations into a sheet of paper. It will help them remember to use the name to help create a picture.